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Synchronicity is the synchronisation wing of Density Music. Synchronisation otherwise referred to as "Library Music" is the act of placing an artist’s music over a visual; be it an advert, a TV programme, a film, a video game etc. Keith Thompson is a writer and musician, perhaps better known for his blues/rock music but has also had many placements in the world of synchronisation. For example, he is the guitarist in the top selling computer game, "Grand prix 2", pieces of his music were in a TV film called "Road Dreams", his music is used on advertisements for Porche vehicles and many other wide and varied placements such as jingles for radio stations in the USA and Europe! The library music industry is growing and expanding with a number of ways in which the music can be obtained. Samples can be listened to and they can be downloaded at the standard rate for personal use. The music is diverse, ranging from light acoustic, delta blues, electronic ambient sounds to rock. Keith has also written for other performing artists.


Examples of Library music can be found on:


Absolute Music Library

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