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Hi Everyone. Things are slowly starting to open up. We are cautiously optimistic but it is advisable to check that events are going ahead before travelling. Keith is currently playing with several set ups. Hope to see you there! TOUR DATES
12th. The Music Den, Epping, Essex With the Jigantics Music Den
8th. Hereford Blues Club, The Richmond Place Club. (15.00pm) Keith Thompson Band Hereford Blues Club
20th. MFMF, Ardley With the Jigantics Manor Farm Music
21st Acoustic Festival of Britain, Coventry With the Jigantics Acoustic Festival
17th. Court Farm Festival, Wiltshire Keith Thompson Band
3rd Folk In a Field Festival, Norfolk With the Jigantics Folk In A Field
8th Folk Festival, Bromsgrove With the Jigantics Bromsgrove Folk Festival
9th New Forest Folk Festival, Hants With the Jigantics New Forest Folk Festival
16th Upton Blues Festival Keith Thompson Band Upton Blues Festival
22nd Jerry Ricks Blues Festival, Croatia Keith Thompson Band Jerry Ricks Blues Festival
23rd Under the Edge Arts, Wotton With Gamble, Thompson & Manninen Under The Edge Arts
30th Ulpha, Cumbria With the Jigantics Music In Ulpha
3rd. Spalding Folk Club With the Jigantics Spalding Folk Club
4th. Costa Del Folk - As you like it With the Jigantics Costa Del Folk - As you like it
6th. Lake District Folk Festival With the Jigantics Lake District Folk Club
7th. Hinckly Festival With the Jigantics
30th. Berrybank Park Blues, Upper Oddington Solo acoustic Berrybank Amphitheatre
17th. Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury With the Jigantics Black Dyke Mills
18th. Weston Park Country Fair, Shropshire With the Jigantics Weston Park Country Fair
24th. Southdowns Music Festival With the Jigantics Southdowns Music Festival
6th.- 16th Holland With the Jigantics
12th. Carperby With the Jigantics
3rd. Rugely Blues Club Keith Thompson Band Rugely Blues Club
: Keep watching this space. A lot of gigs/tours in the pipeline. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list to recieve occasional updates about gigs, tours and music releases. Form on the home page.